Life; Through the Eyes of an Aging Woman

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Things seem so strange to her at times. She muddles through her day, like being a robot. She completes each and every day as if her eyes are closed, no need to really think. Until one day she sat down for a few moments, picked up her cup of coffee and took a drink. Something stops her, she has no idea why or where it came from, but none the less, that something stops her. All of a sudden, she glances up and began to look at the pictures of her life that hung on the walls that surrounded her.

With eyes that now show her age, follow each picture that hang on the walls. She realizes her entire life hangs before her. She wonders where the time has gone. As a child growing up, she had many friends that she played with in school and in her neighborhood. She remembers the late summer evenings chasing fire flies and playing hide and go seek, going to the lake on weekends for picnic’s and fishing. Riding her bike with friends and playing kick-ball. Spending Saturday’s at the ball park watching her brother play baseball, as she remembers the smells of popcorn, hot dogs, and cotton candy.

As the memories of her young childhood gently fad away, like the early morning fog, she remembers the years as she began the next stage of her life as a teenager, in high school and when she fell in love. She picks up her cup and sips her coffee, looks around the room at the pictures that hang before her. The mist begins to clear in her mind once again as she remembers her care free days of being young and in love. She felt strong, invincible, as she thought of her future that lay before her.

Still young and full of life, she married the love of her life. She thought, what more could she ever ask for at that very moment, so perfect and pure. Her mind takes a picture and tucks it away for safe keeping, because she knew one day she would pull it out of the shadows to look at once again. As the years go by and she gives birth to her children, she begins the next chapters of her life. She has it all, her husband and best friend, her children, and her career. She does not realize how fast the time begins to move, because like most, she does not take the time to slow things down, she just keeps pushing on through……to be continued.

A Mother’s Love

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Before I was born, I could feel your touch, as it would cradle me.

The sound of your voice was like that of satin,

soft as it wrapped me in warmth.

The moment I was born and was laid in your arms,

our eyes met. At that very moment, our life

long love affair began.


As you brought me home from the hospital, the touch

 that once cradled me, now held me.

 Your hands so warm, so soft, always reassured me that

 I was safe and secure.


As I began my journey in life, you Mother, were

always there to catch me if I fell.  

You were always there to help me up and dust me off.

Your hands, still so soft, as well as

strong. With each touch of your hands, you

taught me such strength.


As I grew, you always held my hand through life’s upsets,

gave me hugs and wiped the tears that

fell down my cheeks. You gave me the

strength that I needed, as well as encouragement.

You taught me to always hold my

head up high no matter what.


As my life’s journey continues, and I became a Mother

myself, you were always with me, if not

in person, always in soul. You taught me love and

compassion as well as patients, as I

began my journey raising my children.


My children are all grown now, with families of their own.

Giving you great-grandchildren  and myself,



Now Mother, your body old and frail, your eyes as well

as your touch, still so loving. Our connection still

so strong as I look into your eyes. A

Mother’s Love is and will always be endless. Thank You

Mother for all that you have taught me, and for your

love, as you will always and still do

live in the hearts of your children, your grandchildren

and your great-grandchildren.

The Night

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As the night begins to fall, the souls of

the earth begins to wake.

They begin to wonder what seems a

lonely path. Looking for a connection,

wanting to belong.


The darkness with all her beauty stands

so still, ready to embrace her children,

as she is love, compassion and has an

understanding for all.


The night, the darkness, is not always loneliness,

Isolation and despair. Let her embrace you,

give you comfort and allow her to give you

the strength that she knows we

all have.


As the night, the darkness is my peace,

my time to reflect and my time to heal.

I shall always be a soul, a child of the night,

as gives my strength.

Your Whisper

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 My love, as I lay here, I close my eyes.

The breeze is so cool as it brushes my face.

I hear you call my name. I turn to look

at you, but cannot see you my love.

I feel your touch, so soft, like that of satin.


As I feel you run your hand down my body,

it screams for you. Once again I feel

the breeze as it gently brushes over

my body, you whisper to me.


Your whisper captivates me, paralyzes me

with such sweet seduction. I feel your

warm body as you lay next to me.

It whispers to me,

like that of the moon at the darkest

of night.


To be with you is to become one as our

souls unite. You whisper to me as

you press your warm lips to mine. Then you kiss

me so tenderly.


Your touch is so sweet, like that of the

morning dew as it kisses the flowers

in the early morning. My body trembles and

aches for you as you whisper to me of

how you love me.


The sweet, sweet seduction of your voice

along with your touch, sends my body

as well as my mind, into ecstasy. You whisper

to me my love, are you ready. Ready to

be sent to the heavens as our

souls become one with such sweet passion.

Within our passion, your eyes gaze

into mine as they softly say

I Love You.


Our moment is captured is time like that

of a camera as the shutter snaps a

picture. The picture is then forever held

in time to be cherished forever.

The passion, love and gentle touch of you

and I will never leave, and

will always grow stronger with each passing



As our souls have become one, you whisper to me

I Love You…



Just One of Those Things in Life

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    We all have things that loved ones do that get under our skin no matter who that might be. In my case, this one is dedicated to my husband of 33 years. Yes, I did say for 33 years, which in this day and time is a rarity. I am one of those people who prefer to stay home than venture out. Last night I was online researching information for a few articles that I was working on. I got up and went to the garage for a smoke. As I sat there the door opens up and out pops a head. That little peanut head was of course my husband. He looks around and then turns and looks at me then he shuts the door. When I finished smoking I went back in the house.

   On prior occasions when he would open the garage door and stick his peanut head out the door, I would ask him “did you need me for something?” His response would be, “no I didn’t need anything I was just looking for you”. He was just looking for me.

   All I could do was look at him and as I did, I would ask him the same question, “just looking for me?” Then, just at that very moment the same speech that I would give for years, rolled out of my mouth. I would say, “well honey let’s just stop and take a look at what you just said”. Still looking at me with those beautiful ocean blue eyes, he answered ok.

    “First, I have my car but I cannot drive it right now due to it needing new tires. Second, I rarely go anywhere and if I did or do, you usually are the person that would take me. Third, our house is only 1850 square feet, so nobody can or could get lost in it. So honey, the love of my life, why do you think I have just up and disappeared. I mean really, where have I gone? As always he just looks at me and says, “I just didn’t know where you were”. I answered yet again, well honey I am here at the house and it’s not very hard to find me”. At that point he turns and walks away.

   Why is it that our husbands, boyfriends or our significant others do some of the things they do?  What I do not get is, after 33 years of marriage, my husband will not stop doing the “open garage door, poke his head out then shut the door” thing, because that really gets old after many years of  repeating the very same thing.


A Sister’s Love

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Let me help you with all your pain. Let me help carry your burdens, let me ease your pain my sister. Do I have the strong shoulders needed to help you, I do. My love for you, my precious sis, is so deep like that of the ocean, with its dark places but yet so open, so inviting.


My precious sister, you are such a strong and beautiful woman, like that of the world with all her mystery and beauty. Like the wind as it blows, like the rain as it cleans, like the day as it shines, like the night as she calms, I love you my precious sister.


Your touch reassures, your kiss warms, and your face has such beauty as I see all that is good within your eyes. Your soul is so captivating, as you give yourself to those you love.


My precious sister, you love with such strength, like that of a raging river, strong, passionate and with such beauty. Let me love and help you just as you do me. Let me be your sounding block, your shoulders, and your soft bed to which you can lay your head when you need to rest. Let me make everything safe as I wrap my arms around you, just as you do for all of whom you love and never let you go.


My precious sister, without you I am lost, my soul floats endlessly, looking, searching for you. You are my sister, the other half of my heart, my soul, my very being……….I LOVE YOU!!!

A Silent Tear

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As she sits alone, gazing out from her window,

a silent tear gently falls from her cheek. The night so still, comes to her,

whispering to her. She reaches out, hoping to find herself,

 to capture her soul that once was bright. As she

watches the stars dance in the sky, her mind wonders

back in time. A time when her eyes danced like diamonds, and her

smile warmed hearts.


As she transcends in time, when her world began, to

the time when I do’s were spoken, a silent tear gently fell from her cheek.

The memories play in her mind like a movie. As she watches,

she remembers her heart, so light, her

eyes, how they danced, her touch, how reassuring.

As she begins to smile, a silent tear fell from

her cheek.


Her body old and frail, her eyes no longer dance like diamonds.

Her heart no longer feels light, but her touch is still

reassuring, gentle and still so loving.

As she sits alone gazing out her window, a silent

tear falls from her cheek.